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We offer a free sampling of our  9 wines and one juice.  Our most popular wines are carlos, blush and noble.  They are midrange sweet table wines  and made with our local muscadine grape.  The port and cream sherry  dessert wines are also made with muscadine.   But, they have brandy added and barrel aged for 3 years, resulting  in a much sweeter stronger dessert wine.  The only non grape wine we offer is blueberry.   The blueberry is a sweet dessert wine with a slightly tart finish.  If your palette leans the other way, we would recommend sampling our  very dry chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.  When tasting our wines it is recommended to sample them in the order of dry white to dry red then midrange sweet then dessert followed by the non alcoholic  muscadine juice. 

Feel free to call us at the winery (352) 493-9309, or email us at dakotahwinery@bellsouth.net

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